Message to the Racist Right 10=8-12

John Sununu is an example of the worst the US has to offer i the way of anyone calling themselves public servants! Racist & bogotted..actually that fits the entire racist right to a freaking T!

Their sad, pathetic attempt to diminish three years and still going of right-wing racism with ONE-DAY left-wing racism is Retarded at best!

The Republican Cancervative Party is an institutionally, structurally racist entity.

Bigots are their bread and butter, Homophobes are their eggs, extremists are their coffee and the racists are that sweet, sweet bacon slices……bacon..

Sorry. the point is

The right has meetings before Obama was sworn in office and agreed to stop Obama from getting a second term. They didn’t want a black man to get a second term. It wasn’t the policies because he hadn’t even been sworn in or have his cabinet picked. They were racist bastards who were going to destroy the country just to prevent a black man from getting a second term.

Your hate is obvious and your bias outweighs your political comments here 99% of the time…… But, that’s the way you want to roll and we all know where you stand…..

Neither ME or Barack Obama are racists. He had a white mother he loved. YOU a-holes are the racists.

After ‘Barack The Magic Negro’, pictures of watermelons on the WH lawn, coon jokes,  referring the President as “President Karashian” thanks to the head racist Rush Limbaugh dimishing President to an untalented whore and Sean Isanity calling him “President Crybaby” for stating obvious things, referring to the First Lady as ‘Moochelle’….they’ve settled on an “I know you are, but what am I?” response when they get called on their racism.

Was Laura Bush racially insulted, vilified, compared to a monkey like Michelle Obama? NO! in fact. most left-wing people didn’t like Bush but STILL loved and respected the hell out of Laura Bush, you racists insult, smear, and attack Michelle Obama for every little thing.

President Obama has made a better argument, he’s proven himself over four years to be competent, capable and honest. Obama took a -15% GDP and grew it to today’s $15T GDP the highest ever representing 40% Growth .

The President cut spending from Bush’s $12.3T to $2.5T and CBO says as of Jan 1, 2013 Obama will have cut the National Deficit in half. Exports have increased 50% in Obama’s first term due to an increase in domestic oil production and a focus on Green Energy that has pushed America to number one in Natural Gas, Solar and battery operated vehicles.

Keep those vile tweets coming, Racists!


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