Some people regrets voting for Obama……

And I understand that. Two days ago, many liberals got pissed that some “tax increases” has happened under Obama.

More here:

But to be honest, what really should happen is that ONLY the liberals have the right to call themselves stupid. Not the racist right, not the black-hating sore losers that are pissed that their four-year hate-mongering and fear-mongering didn’t help the the great white hope they wanted get elected.

The two-year 2% payroll tax cut expiration wasn’t in the fiscal cliff deal.  It was set to expire deal or no deal.  And “no deal” is what tea party folks were calling for anyway.

It’s correct to say liberals weren’t paying attention to what the fiscal cliff actually entailed.  But to say Obama hiked their payroll tax is just as incorrect… and likely stated by people being purposefully dishonest (for some odd reason) or… they’re “low information voters” themselves, as the head sore loser Limbaugh puts it.

The role voter fraud played was to keep President Obama’s victory from being significantly larger. We already know that Rick Scott prevented over 11,000 registered voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote in Florida, and some estimates put the number nationally at over 2 million votes. Voter fraud probably also played a major role in the Republicans managing to hold on to the House of Representatives even though nationally a lot more people voted for Democratic Congressmen than Republicans.
every credible poll in the nation had Obama winning by the exact margin he won by. More importantly the exit polls matched the results. This equals no wide spread fraud.

just because someone does not agree with your policy, does not mean the are out there to “destroy america” Obama does not want to destroy America! ! Obama is not a communist.


Is Barack Obama a communist?
–Of course not.  He’s basically a center right politician, a bit to the right of Reagan and Nixon on some issues, a bit to the left of those on other issues.  The closest prior President would be Eisenhower in terms of what policies he seems to prefer.

Is Barack Obama a pathological liar?
— Not at all.  He is a politician, so some things he says may be not quite true.  I think he tries hard to be truthful.  But it’s nowhere near the all-lies-all-the-time of Romney and Ryan and many other GOP politicians.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
–No.  He has, however, probably more direct knowledge of that religion than most Americans.  But he goes to Christian churches, so he is a Christian.

Is Barack Obama destroying America?
— Not at all. He’s doing his damnedest to try to save it from the failed policies of the GOP.
Is Barack Obama a failure?
— So far, no.  He now has four more years of dealing with the obstructionists, and it’s unclear if he (or anyone) will be able to save the country from people who refuse to govern like adults.

Is Barack Obama a fraud?
— I don’t think so.

In sum, if you are a Republican, you should probably like Obama a lot.  He’s incorporated the more rational right wing positions into most of his plans and policies and is looking out for middle class (and poor) Republicans a whole lot better than the people you all voted for.  But, yes, he’s black.


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