Racist Right NEVER Learns…..NEVER!

You know the saying. “Those who do NOT learn from history, are doomed to repeat it!” And as always, the racist, bigoted modern era version of the KKK and the Nazi NEVER learn from their mistakes because in their mentally damaged brain, they believe EVERYTHING they say is right, no matter how obviously wrong and R-traded their hateful rant obviously are.

But sickening CAN’T even describe the hateful rants but the disgusting fake Christian, real racist, bigoted, extremist whore known as the Mad Jewess!


Even most of the racist Obama-haters KNOW President Obama or the American Left-wing had NOTHING to do with the horrible Sandy Hook Shooting which took place last month! But to falsely claim WE created the Sandy Hook scandal, you claim that we WANTED little children to die and claim to be a Christian shows how much of a hateful fraud you are!

You are a sick, demented, hateful racist, bigoted bitch!

According to conservative media, yes.  The proof is because people with personal interests in seeing Republicans regain control of the country say so.  There is no other proof.

Barack Obama doesn’t hate the military.  He tried to negotiate a prevention of the sequestration of military funding.

Obama is nothing like Hitler.  Hitler scapegoated Jews and other “untermenschen” for all of Germany’s problems.  That’s actually what American conservatives are doing with American liberals.

Obama isn’t after guns.  Guns people already own will be grandfathered in as legal, regardless of what form new legislation takes.

Obama isn’t an “illegal.”  His qualifications to serve as president have already been certified.   Obama is a natural born citizen.

Obama can be impeached.  He hasn’t committed any impeachment-worthy offenses, so any current impeachment will largely be seen as bogus and a wasteful political stunt, which is why Republicans won’t seriously consider impeachment.

Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim.  He believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our sins.

Is Obama hates Jews! No! no http://stjudasmaccabaeus.files.wordpress…
and besides, Rahm Emmanuel was his main political confidant

AND He has Jewish people in his Cabinet. He definitely is at odds with the Israeli policies which are right-wing and Mr. Obama is moderate. That does not mean he hates Jews. Most Jews in America are Democrats and don’t like Netanyahu either.

I don’t believe the President has to hire people to please Israel. America comes first.

Does Barack Obama hate America? No!
Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? No!
AND he has not committed an impeachable offense

Everyday, I bet you the racist right is still wondering HOW is it they lost the 2012 election? Yes there were many reasons, but the main reason is that American is NOT racist or bigoted like you!

All these lies about were created by the racist, bigoted right because Obama is attack with Just a lot of baseless hatred for being a non-white Democrat…other words they hate having a black man as President!


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