Shocker: Racist Right didn’t watch the SOTU Address!

In a no-brainer! Should have been expected (it was) that the only losers who hated Obama’s speech are the racists in this country!


the only people who DIDN’t want Obama’s speech are the racists, the bigots, and black hating extremists on the right! Using to watch a dog show over the State of the Union proves my point. Watching a White dog over a black man is obviously much better in most of the racist right’s mind!

Since they didn’t want it, they leave it to the patrons of hate radio to misinterpret the speech!

“Barack Obama has no economics background. Upon what basis does he make his claims about creating jobs or growing the economy? It’s all entirely political, not based on any sound reality. He is addicted to spending other people’s money. For the sake of our country, he needs an intervention.”

What reality? That there is a President who DOESN’T see people who can’t speak English as a threat to America?

A President who supports Americans of ALL life, not only White, Christians, and Conservative?

Obama gave a great speech. It was about improving the country, growing jobs and the economy, ending the war in Afghanistan, and taking a vote in Congress on some reasonable measures to reduce gun violence. I’m not sure what speech the racists listened to.

Obama is not a communist. He is not a Marxist. He is not Muslim. you don’t understand what Marxism is

No he is not a dictator. You clearly have absolutely NO idea what a dictator is. Dictators do not allow people to think freely or state their opinions. Anyone who questions what they say is “true” gets into BIG trouble.

Obama Doesn’t want to Destroy America, how ? The stock market has doubled in value, unemployment is down, banks and investors are richer than ever, no austerity measures during a recession like Europe.
BHO is an All American citizen, regardless of where on the planet he was born.  He came out of the womb of an American woman.  He’s American.
this wasted space for something that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. You guys lost; live with it. We had to survive eight years of Bush; you think that was enjoyable, seeing that smirking i.d.i.o.t running the country ? Just because there’s a Democrat in the White House doesn’t mean you automatically get to start impeachment proceedings. You can’t prove that Obama has committed any impeachable offenses. you azzholes want him gone because he’s Presidenting While black!
You disgusting racist call him communist, socialist, dictator, evil, Narcissist, fraud, traitor, gay, illegal, Marxist,… not realizing that most of those political philosophies are opposed to each other!
Obama isn’t either of these things. You are either stupid, a retarded racist, or know nothing about how the government works and by your retarded rants, it’s obvious that it’s all three!


Obama haters are racists. Pure and Simple!



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