Another Holiday, Another hateful tirade against the President!

It should have been NO surprise. As long as a Black man is President of the United States, the racist right’s hatred will NEVER take a break…even on the most sacred of American Holidays which usually bring ALL Americans together. President’s Day is NO different! The racist right has a problem with the President golfing with Tiger Woods…as are the Liberal Media. I don’t care either way nor do I care who Obama is golfing with, but the racist right seems to have a problem with it that they are blaming HIM of the gas prices…Pathetic!


US Presidents do not cause the price of gas to rise or fall, they are not that powerful.
Obama is not still complaining, he is now trying to get the rest of his agenda moving forwards now that he has been elected as the US President once again.

President Bush Jr was president when gas prices were insanely high, and there was nothing he could do about it either, and he himself is from a rich oil family.

He isn’t campaigning since he can’t run again. He is simply taking his arguments to the people since the Republicans in congress are still unwilling to work with him to fix what is wrong with the nation.

What policies caused the gas price to rise — none. simply more market manipulation.

These devious and dishonest attacks are designed to delegitimize the Presidency of Barack Obama, and to characterize him as; the other, foreign, un-American, non-Christian, and alien. He has been called a socialist, a communist, a fascist, The New Hitler, a Marxist, a Fraud, a Usurper, a Stalinist, a Muslim (as if that is some how not ok), an African Anti-Colonialist, the Anti-Christ, a baby killer, a gay lover, uppity, The Food Stamp President, and n!@@&r


There is no evidence to support any of those claims, and those who came up with those ideas are all extremist right wing and would therefor benefit from spreading those claims.

Just mad that a Black man is STILL President!

The base of the conservatives is clearly without any moral compass.


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