Racist Right Hides Behind Constituion to promote their Racist triade against Obama!

The very idea that President Obama is destroying America is just another republican lie!

Is Barack Obama a Communist?
No he is not
You racist, bigot Klansman claim that the President is the devil. That he is a
commie, socialist, Nazi, dictator, who is both a secret Muslim, and
anti-American bigot who hates all white people. Not one thing you said was true. It really sucks that a black man can go to Harvard and make more money in a year then you’ll make in your life,
doesn’t it?

He is neither Muslim or Illegal or Evil!Obama and the Democrats are the winners in the last two elections for the Presidency it happens! Obama is not a traitor to the USA but his agenda is questionable!

You’re writing this after having 8 years of THE WORST president of all time – a
Republican that started 2 needless wars and cut taxes to fund them. The
same president whose relaxing of regulations led to the second worst
economic downturn in American history.

So, you call saving America from the disaster of the Bush/Chaney years destructive. You must have been born in an outhouse.

It is not even a crime, let alone a high
crime/high misdemeanor, so it is not the least bit impeachable, moron.
It is “Discretionary Enforcement”. It is also MANDATED by the US
Constitution, and the GOP. The current tax cutting BS has led to budget
cutting. That means there is not enough money to keep all the detainees
in detention. Some have to be released to make room for others. Having
too many detainees held in too small a space constitutes illegal “cruel
& unusual punishment”…which The US Constitution forbids in The
Eighth Amendment. If the GOP agreed to raise taxes, we could build &
staff more detention centers, and so keep more arrestees in detention
until their trials/deportations. Until such tax increases happen, more
releases will be REQUIRED BY LAW.

Obama has not committed a single impeachable offense. If he had, the House GOP would have started
impeaching him by now. Jacking your jaws/keyboards about impeachment
nonsense may feel good in the short-term, but accomplishes nothing. You
clowns did that for four years, and got nowhere with it. You will get
nowhere with it in the next four years, either. If you spent one tenth
the time raising taxes, and properly spending them, that you spend
BS-ing about impeachment, and birth certificates, and Kenya, you have
proven what I’ve said for the last four years! You people hate him
because he is black! You hate having a black man as President of these
United States, but won’t admit it!


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