Dumbass racists attack Donna Brazile for tweeting why her “Preimiums went up”


I feel sorry for Donna Brazile. I really do. But she should be lucky I AM NOT one of the stupid retards falsely blaiming the black man in the oval office like the rest of these racist!

She tweeted Why is her Healthcare Premiums gone up? “The Dose of Reality that is Obamacare”? HELL NO!

The racist idiots prove once and for all that they don’t know ANYTHING about how healthcare in America works or how the economy works! The only thing they know about both is that if either tanks..it’s the black man in the oval office’s fault!

But the REAL REAL Reality on why the healthcare Premiums have gone up is because…

The real reason health care insurance premiums are going up is so that those controlling the insurance companies will get millions of dollars in salary, bonuses and benefits while doing their level best to limit and deny needed medical care services to their less affluent and political connected customers.

This is how the game is played by both liberal democrats and conservative republicans so in determining who is to blame I suggest that you take a real good look in the mirror.

I don’t support ObamaCare but I also know there are Medical Loss Ratio limits in it and that the typical Insurers profit margin is 3%. People need to drill a little deeper before coming up with their suspicions.

But these racists find it easier to blame the black man in office for their problems!


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