Racist Right Doesn’t Have a Damn Clue!


I Love being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS in fact a racist bigoted scumbag!   You may want to do some homework before submitting your next LTE. There most certainly is federal funding for teachers, firefighters and police officers.   The Education Department gave about $2.5 billion in 2012 to increase the number of teachers with the “Improving Teacher Quality State Grants” and about $26 million that same year to retain qualified professionals for high-need schools, called the “Transition to Teaching.”

FEMA gave out millions for staffing of firefighters, called the “Staffing for Adequate Emergency and Response Grants.”  The federal government also assists states with police staffing with the COPS Hiring program and “Vets to Cops” hiring grants. In 2012 nearly $15 million in grants were awarded to states to hire or retain state & county officers.   The FAA is over all of the air travel controllers whether they are federal employees or work under a contractor and when their funds are cut, something will have to give. In addition, it’s only common sense to know that Federal prosecutors budgets will be affected by the sequester.

Dumb is when you think the sequester is not going to negatively affect our economy. Apparently hoping President Obama will be blamed for this is more important than our economy to some people.   Does Barack Obama hate America? No, just you   Barack Obama threathened Bob Woodard? No   Is Barack Obama an Evil man? No   Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No   Is Barack Obama an Evil man? No   Is Barack Obama pathological Liar? No   Is Barack Obama destroying America? No   Is Barack Obama a Communist? No   Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No   Is Barack Obama a Narcissist? No   Does Barack Obama hate America? again.. No   Is Barack Obama a traitor to America? No   In conclusion… stop watching FOX   How insanely freaking dumb are you people to believe that the president of the United States of America hates his own country?   Calling the President a dictator in any way, shape, or form is beyond idiotic. Learn what words mean, and stop just using emotionally-charged,evil sounding words to slander people who you don’t like for whatever reason.   All you people that are suggesting impeachment on this innocent President, I suggest it’s time you started to publicly execute the KKK for their atrocities against anyone that is not on their side such as the Catholics, Blacks who are not that color by choice, Hispanics same way and off course Homosexuals.

You people are disgusting disgraces to human being! You slimeballs are the definination of a hate group! and All it took was a black man to become President to show what disgsuting hateful azzholes you are!


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