Obama “GUN CONTROL” Bill loses, Racist Right wins thanks to lies and fear-mongering!

It didn’t help the Racist Right win the 2012 election, but It did help them here.

“Obama Gun Grab Defeated”? If the Racist Right’s hate fest wasn’t so deranged and divorced from reality, it might be funny.

President Obama’s gun control bill was shot down yesterday by a majority of votes, and whines like a little baby. Got to admit that pretty pathetic, but not as pathetic as the Racist right’s retalition to this news.

“No. It was a glorious day for the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and freedom in America.”

what are a pathetic and ignorant fool! And so are the people agreeing that this is a victory for America. There is no victory here, just a sad and disgusting loss. This is a win for the Racist, bigoted, gun-loving right-wing scumbags to deman the black man in office. that ALL it is!!

Perhaps you might tell us what lies those were Obama spread? We damn sure heard all the lies you, old Insane Wayne and the Tea party were spreading about Obama’s gun control.

Remember the idiotic phrase you are using today.. “gun grab”!?!?!

Get this through your heads..it was not, it wasn’t nor is it ever will be a ‘gun-grab’ bill. The bill would have expanded background checks for guns, a rather minor measure.

and how the gun nuts all think that Obama wants to take their guns. Which isn’t at all true and anyone with half a brain would know that. Also, can someone please provide evidence that Obama wants to “take your guns” from you…You can’t because they don’t exist, neither does a law passed under Obama that has restricted gun rights!

If background checks are anti-Second Amendment, the NRA leadership, assuming it is at least modestly interested in adhering to principle, should take some of the millions it gets from the gun manufacturers and immediately launch a massive campaign to repeal all existing state and federal law related to background checks.

Is Barack Obama an evil man?

Is Barack Obama Destroying America?
No. The economy (biggest concern among the electorate) is slowly recovering and growing. He is trying to responsibly end two wars while also dealing with tensions in Asia, and he’s done a fairly decent job thus far. Not sterling, but then again, nobody is.

Is Barack Obama a Narcissist?

Is barack Obama a Marxist?
No. If he were he would be leading the socialist revolution to overthrow the current government, not civically participating in that government

Is Barack Obama a Communist?
No. Do you even know what communism is? There’s theoretical and actual, for whether or not he is an actual communist, see above. For theoretical communist, that would mean abolishing government and having a classles, stateless, moneyless society. He’s clearly not for that, so, that’s a resounding no.

Why do cons have such seething hatred for President Obama? Oh, yeah ! keep forgetting because he’s black!

You call Obama a traitor, you are a racist!
You call Obama a POS, you are a racist!
You call Obama a fraud, you are a racist!

Remarkable how gobs of money, remorseless fear-mongering, staggering misinformation, electoral extortion, and the inevitable Republican filibuster can combine to thwart the popular will. Then again, maybe not so remarkable.

The bill is shot down, and well by all means… we shouldnt infringe the rights of murderous gangs and lunatics! ANYTHING to stop the black man in the White House!!!


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