Beating the Dead Horse called “Benghazi-gate”



Look, Benghazi is a dead issue. They did a poll recently and only 40% of the American People are even following the story anymore. That’s an all time low.

Let it go. Benghazi is as dead as “Fast and Furious”.

You can couch their asshattery in any terms they like. The facts speak for themselves. You can’t stand having a black man in the White House.

can think of no lies from Obama, no stealing, no tyranny. He definitely not a liberal, his policies are far to the right of Ronald Reagan.

This reminds me of the ” OBAMA IS GUNNA KILL AMERICANS WITH DRONES” hysteria that was so popular a few weeks ago, but THAT was a lie!

People like you are so busy blaming Obama for everything that when the truth and facts that are in the IG report blaming operations and staff for this horrendous issue you will still hold on to your beliefs not facts. If you and others were open to the truth then time won’t be wasted trying to blame instead energy would be spent on dealing with resolving the issue.

Obama does not hate America. Obama is not a communist. Obama is not a dictator where the hell did you pull that from, Obama is not usurper Obama is a not disgrace, Obama is not a fraud Obama is a not liar, but he’s a politician. Obama is not evil, Obama is not a socialist, Obama is not a Marxist, Obama is not a traitor Obama is not Anti-American, Obama is completely 100% legal

Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, Obama is not a narcissist. Obama is not destroying America.

No, he can’t be impeached because he hasn’t done anything illegal yet. I’ll repeat that slowly… Because. Impeachment. Requires. A. Crime.

The. President. Has. Not. Committed. A. Crime. OK?

Jesus, you are a sick, demeted racist sore loser.

Did Obama win due to voter fraud? No, not voter fraud. . If there was no fraud…no need to ask the question. can’t win an election due to something that doesn’t exist. Romney Lost because he sucks!

Dispensing disinformation, promoting bigotry and racism, and playing upon the fears and ignorance of many Americans – supplemented by a much more than healthy dose of self-promotion GOP can’t win on the issues, so they resort to hate, bigotry and fear.

No formula for leadership: It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character.

And that kills you racists inside! Yeah! I called you racists because that’s what you slimeballs are!

No president, including Obama, has ever hated America. If he did, he would not have run for office. Different presidents have different opinions, but he is always doing what he feels is best for the country at the time.

Truly, Obama is no Nixon, Nixon was a leader, not a political figurehead.

Unfortunately, Nixon was also a liar and a “crook”. Obama is a more honest man, but he couldn’t lead a child to the toilet. The damage the GOP has done to this country is immeasurable.

You people are disgusting disgraces to human being! You slimeballs are the definination of a hate group! and All it took was a black man to become President to show what disgsuting hateful azzholes you are!

Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

Please STOP with that crap about “no body died in Watergate”. PLEASE! Nixon was culpable in the Watergate scandal and knew he would be impeached and thrown out of office. He resigned to spare himself and the Republican Party that indignation.

Obama is not culpable for our diplomats’ deaths. He didn’t push for spending cuts in security funding for diplomats, and he didn’t plan the attack.

It’s funny, you can always tell when someone is clueless when all they have to offer to the discussion is, “the President is a dictator”.

It proves how stupid you are.





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