Two Ridiculosuly Awesome Articles! Article #1 from The Examimer

Truer words were never spoken!

Speculating Obama was high on coke during Benghazi is a new low for Republicans

Just when it appears right-wing absurdity written and said about President Obama has leveled off it adjusts and reaches new heights. I am referring to an article titled “Was President Obama high on coke while Benghazi burned? (Video) (… ) by Dean Chambers, a writer whose bio reads that he was inspired by the “courageous independent journalism of Andrew Breitbart”. Gee, after reading this, who would have guessed.

It’s certainly no shocker that when it comes to this President, there is no proof offerred to substantiate any of this speculation – specifically that the President was high on coke on the night of the Benghazi attack. Chambers bases this nonsense on some unfounded speculation of Kevin DuJan, a self-described “gay conservative political analyst” writing for a publication called HillBuzz. DuJan states that his claim, is made based on knowledge and experience of drug addicts, and it explains the President being missing for most of the evening during the attack on Benghazi.

You really can’t make this stuff up. However, this type of hateful garbage is indicative of a bigger picture. Since the election of President Barack Obama, followed by the emergence of the ultra-conservative Tea Party, the so-called conservative movement has quickly evolved into an extremist ideology – a fact-free zone where emotions have replaced reason. Emotions like fear, anger, hate, and greed – none of which have any logical basis. Every single day there are millions of right-wingers hating, distorting, maligning an Obama law or policy or tying the President to every scandal under the sun. At this very moment, there is an ignorant right winger ranting about his taxes going to assist the so-called “lazy” poor, or screaming about paying for healthcare coverage that includes birth control for so-called “sluts”, or promoting anti-immigrant paranoia against so called “criminals” who are here illegally – all this while STILL, till this day, there are those insisting that the President’s birth certificate is a forgery.

This President has been a target of hate-filled narratives for the last five years. Some of the prize winners include an anti-white conspiracy being perpetrated by America’s first black President, or Obama sympathizes with Muslim terrorists, or Obama is a communist who wants to institute death panels and touch off class warfare. Here’s a real dandy since it is Memorial Day after all – Obama hates our men and women in the military. Does any thinking person really believe that?

So just how extreme and out of touch with reality is today’s conservative movement? They have a fanatical focus with the U.S Constitution that they claim is “under attack” by President Obama. They are so paranoid that it’s under attack that they have become delusional. They are convinced that President Obama and the Democrats are tyrants, Socialists, Communists, and Marxists – in no particular order – who want to take your guns, property, and liberties away. However, they cede the country hasn’t reached that point yet. They believe that America is still under a “soft tyranny” and there is still time to save the country – that is if only we can get rid of that Muslim Socialist in the White House. As for the Constitution, right wingers please take note: Yes, the Constitution guarantees citizens the right to equal opportunities to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – but not to a rigged system where the rich have been getting richer on the backs of the poor and middle-class since the days of Ronald Reagan.

The real danger in all this insanity is, except for a few moderate Republicans left inside the Beltway, the tea-intoxicated GOP continues to perpetuate these lies to mainstream America with the help of their media accomplices – Fox News and talk radio. Outlets like Fox News have done a good job of exerting a disproportionate control over media with a 24/7 non-stop propaganda cycle. Millions of ordinary citizens are turning into mindless obedients – casualties of a misinformation bubble created by talk radio and Fox News and funded by billionaire Republicans who have a corporate agenda. To their own intellectual demise a segment of the population chooses to ignore surveys that show that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources.

Between what they are being fed by right-wing politicians, talk radio, and Fox News, conservatives have allowed themselves to be turned into misinformed, angry, and irrational tools. They equate American patriotism to being racist and xenophobic (Obama is a Muslim!); they equate tradition to being intolerant of other cultures; proud achievement to greed is good; women’s rights to remaining barefoot and pregnant and transvaginal ultrasounds; and if you are unemployed and poor – that becomes grounds for laziness and dehumanization.

In any event, my apologies for going off on a tangent but it’s this type of hateful unfounded nonsense written and said about our President that sets me off and I’m sure I speak for millions of Americans. All it accomplishes is to feed the hate and ignorance perpetuated by today’s far right extremists. No serious journalist would ever consider publishing such unfounded garbage.


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