Dr. Eowyn and “Trail Dust”! Fake Christians, Real Racists!

Deep within the bowels of the internet live a cesspool of hate-mongers, racists, and bigots pretending to be Christians. They live in the Racist, bigoted, bible-thumping website known as “fellowship of minds”. If anything it’s more like “Fellowship of MINDLESS”. Two members in members named “Dr. Eowyn” and “Trail Dust”. First off, these assholes AREN’T real Christians. REAL Christians DON’T and NEVER use, constantly demean, and desecrate the name of God and Using God’s name To Promote Right Wing political Anti-Christ, Racist, Bigoted, Obama-hating rants like these scumbags love to do. And while we are on the subject, this prick known as “Dr. Eowyn” Isn’t a real doctor, no real doctor is this retarded and hateful so we will call him and his partner in crime by their “REAL” names,

Dr. Ass-face and Trail Dumbass!

Over the weekend, Dr. Ass-face joined the morally corrupted and mentally damaged scumbags of the right, as I posted last week, and created a disgusting lie about President Obama’s whereabouts on the night of the Benghazi attack where four Americans died. The sick, immoral racists of the right claimed that President Obama was having gay sex and snorting cocaine on that night, which is such as sick, baseless accusation.

Right here: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/what-was-pres-lucifer-doing-while-americans-were-being-killed-in-benghazi/

These people are sick, sick, SICK!!! And very MEAN! And they call themselves Christian??? Nearly all the replies are BIGOTED. How sick are they? You can disagree with Obama’s policies all you want – I disagree with them too – But I am appalled by the HATE I see in this article and the replies. YOU are what we should be ashamed of! People who call themselves Christian! Your words and actions are Despicable!!

Whoever wrote that is a sick, demented monster and a racist asshole! There is just as much evidence that Obama was on his knees in devout prayer for the entire period, as there is that he was on drugs for the period.

That is, no evidence at all.
You’re insanely stupid and will believe any tripe thrown your way as long as it makes Obama look bad.
You disgusting racist R-traded asshole!

Seriously, what difference does it make Wherever he was? he could be informed or not informed. Presidents and the people who work for them have these new-fangled inventions called “telephones.” They’re amazing. You can communicate instantly with your people wherever you are.

This is a case of the racist right doing what they accused the President of doing AND playing holier than thou. these mentally damaged scumbags think they can do NO wrong. At the end of 2012, the scumbags accused President Obama of using the deaths of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting to promote Anti-gun violence, yet what are these hypocrites using the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi for? POLITICAL GAIN! THey are using the deaths of the Benghazi Four for political gain to demean the black man in office! They scream bloody murder over the deaths of FOUR Americans, yet Obama’s predecessor is responsible for the deaths of hundreds and thousands of Americans over an unjust war, and somehow HE has more class that Obama? PLEASE!!!

And this racist pussy prick disgustingly calls Obama ” President Lucifer”? This is what I mean about Using God’s name To Promote Right Wing political Anti-Christ, Racist, Bigoted, Obama-hating rants like these scumbags love to do.

(No, he is not a homosexual. He is a happily married man with kids.)

(Is he Satan? No, but many have speculated that he may be the future Antichrist as mentioned in the bible.)

He is not a Communist. Feel free to point out how he has taken private industry and possessions away from everyone and divided them between everyone and then resigned his Presidency.
If Barack Obama were a dictator, would Congress still be blocking all the things he has tried to do for the country? If he were a dictator, would you be able to post dreck like this in an open forum?

No, he is not a traitor. Feel free to point out how he has given aid and comfort to the enemy. And don’t claim it’s Muslims because Muslims are not a country and are not all at war with us.
Why do you ask if he is a Communist twice?
Any president can be impeached, but here’s the catch. You have to prove that he is guilty of treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors. You can’t just impeach someone because you don’t like hm.

If Barack Obama is a Muslim, why has no one been able to catch him at prayer? He has to do it five times a day, so you’d think someone would have noticed. Why does he drink alcohol and eat pork? Why is Michelle not wearing a burka and not leaving the White House without a male relative as an escort?

From deliberately cooked-up lies, to garbled reporting, to failures of the most basic due diligence, there’s scarcely a breath between one conservative media faceplant and the next. Again, you scumbags have NO right to call Obama a liar considering how you use tired old GOP talking points smear job lie about President Obama over something!

Does Barack Obama hate the Military?
Is Barack Obama “President Lucifer”?
Is Barack Obama a Anti-American?

Is Barack Obama a coward? YOU Don’t know him personally
Does Barack Obama hate Jews? YOU Don’t know him personally
Is Barack Obama a racist? YOU Don’t know him personally
Is Barack Obama a bigot? YOU Don’t know him personally
Is Barack Obama destroying America?
No, one man can’t be blamed for the destruction of a nation. There are always many factors!

Dr. Ass-face and Trail-dumbass! You are nothing, retarded, stupid, ugly, brain-dead, morally corrupt, fake Christians, REAL RACISTS! And Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you,too. You got a problem with what I saying? Screw you!

Why don’t you come here so I can prove you wrong, because unlike you, I’m NOT a pussy racist prick. I have NOW allowed comments to come back onto this website!


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