Hypocrites On High!

I don’t know which is stronger in the stupid-ass rant, the stupidity OR the hypocrisy…What the hell? The Stupidity. Again, proving my point. This must be another round of the ignorant right’s favorite game “Holier Than Thou”! You losers have been playing this pathetic since Obama became President and STILL doing it to this day!

Glenn Beck, the liar, calling out others for lying. Where are those FEMA concentration camps? Where is the zombie apocalypse? Why isn’t George Soros the dictator of America? Glenn predicted all that would happen, right?


Hey, while we are at Politifact, Why don’t we check President Obama’s status?


this coming from the guy who is peddling end-of-civilization scenarios in order to also peddle gold and survivalist seed packets and overpriced special edition gold coins and patriot clothes? You’re shkidding me right? So you’re about to be thrown into FEMA concentration camp unless you buy his products? The Caliphate is about to divide the World into three great powers? That we’re about to experience hyperinflation like the Wiemar Republic, so you should buy gold. The 2012 elections would never happen because by then President Obama would be a dictator, cancel the election and confiscate your guns. Do you mean the guy that threatened the administration with secret facts he’d learned about the Arab guy who was really responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings if the Obama didn’t come clean and admit he was protecting terrorists?

That guy is calling Obama a liar? And his hypocrite followers attack ME? PLEASE!!!

I am NOT a Muslim, nor do I understand Muslim culture. but at least I don’t pretend to know EVERYTHING about a religion when the facts say otherwise!
There are many non-Muslims who have studied Islam. Most of them have only read books on Islam written by biased critics of Islam. These non-Muslims have a different set of twenty common misconceptions about Islam. For instance, they claim to have found contradictions in the Qur’an, they contend that the Qur’an is unscientific etc.

It is explicitly for forbidden for Muslims to eat pork per God command in Qur’an. Al taqiya in Islam is only allowed when you fear for your life or someone else’s life. It isn’t a pass to lie about anything. In the authentic Islamic books of knowledge you will never find any mention of al taqiya in the manner you presented it.

However what you are referring to is Shiism which have taken al taqiya to a different level and said you can lie about anything and everything if its for a cause. Now Shiism has absolutely ZERO to do with Islam so this question is more suitable for a Shia person to answer not a Muslim one.

No, he’s a Christian… and even if he were a Muslim, so what? If you don’t believe that religious people should rule countries then you should object to all of the Presidents of the US. I suspect that you are just a racist looking for a reason to hate Obama and hate Muslims.

Why would I not be surprised that I’m dealing with scumbags spend all this time running on hate and venom against thing Non-Christian or Non-white and does not care about things like truth?

You need to grow up!

1. No, he is not a fraud. Feel free to post any evidence you have that he is. I cannot answer a non-specific statement like that.
2. No, he is not a traitor. Feel free to post any evidence you have that he has given aid and comfort to the enemy. Be sure to identify the enemy first.
3. No more than any politician. Politicians have to have some narcissism or they wouldn’t bother to run for office. If you have proof that he is MORE narcissistic than others, feel free to post it.
4. No, the President does not hate America and the President is not destroying America! Since he has taken office, unemployment is down the stock market is up. Our military is still stronger than the next 15 countries combined. Perhaps you could be specific about what you think he has destroyed. And remember, in most cases, Congress has to do it first.

If Obama was 1/1000th the tyrannical dictator you claim, do you REALLY think you could talk about him the way you do? NO!

5. President Obama is NOT a “closet Muslim.” AND Anyone who calls Obama a communist IS a racist R-tard!

You won’t provide any evidence today, any more than all the other times you have come on here and posted the same untrue statements. Post and run is your only purpose.

So what else is new about bigots that don’t like a BLACK MAN as President of the USA.


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