Limbaugh’s hateful 9/11 Triagde, One year phony Scandal, Racist attacks on Obama never stop!

Like I said, whether is the peace-loving of Christmas, or the Country-uniting event known as 9/11, It doesn’t matter. As long as there is a black man in the oval office. the racist right’s hatred to said black man in the oval office will NEVER falter. and the latest one keeping that fact alive, The Head Racist, Rush Limbaugh! The head racist said some many hateful things, but this on in particular:

 How many times have you heard famous, retired evening news anchors refuse to wear the American flag?  Brokaw refused, Peter Jennings refused, Dan Rather, because they couldn’t show their patriotism.  That would be compromising their sacred principles as journalists.  So you may not want to believe me, but the Democrat Party and the American left has a problem with patriotism because they know it steers people away from them. Democrats have a problem with people who love America.

The liberal ideology is based on America is at fault, America is to blame, America is unjust, America is immoral from its founding.  This is what animates Obama.  You know it as well as I do, folks — and you 24-year-old women who think this is above and beyond the pale, you know it, too, if you just sit down and admit it to yourself.  Who is the blame-America-first crowd?  Who is it is that mocks the flag?


See what i mean? That’s a big deal to him?  Wearing a flag pin?  One that’s made in the good old CHINA?

Look, even I won’t go around saying that if you don’t wear a flag on your t-shirt it means you’re a commie.  In fact I’d be more suspicious of someone who flaunted his ‘patriotism’ while tearing down his government than I would judge someone by their jewelry.

In the case of journalists, I can see it, they are supposed to report without slant.  I don’t think the flag pin means a thing.  Democrats have no problems with patriotism, but they do have some with jingoism.  And Rush plays to the salivating mobs, not to true patriots, even he acknowledges he’s an entertainer.  Like the bread and circus of the Romans, where violence and cruelty is the norm and applauded, Rush rambles on.  But that’s not at all what patriotism is about.
His love of country seems to be relevant only if his choice of candidate wins, otherwise he’s happy to toss the country away.

Wearing a flag pin on your chest is not the definition of patriotism, nor does it a patriot make. It even told this to some of my friends who respect the Military and this is what one of these said:

I think Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict who gets paid big money to bash the Democrats. He does nothing to contribute to society. Has Limbaugh ever served in the military.. no.  He has no education just a big mouth and zero credibility.   I am a Liberal who happens to be  patriotic and just wearing a piece  of jewelry proves nothing. Does wearing a cross make anyone more religious?   Simply wanting to live in a democracy and preferring peace over war does not mean we are any more, or less, patriotic than a Conservative.   A person’s character and their  actions are what really matters.

WRONG!!! Rush Limbaugh Is NOT a brain-addict anymore.

His premise is Democrats hate America. No, we just hate douchebags who lie through their teeth.

Limbaugh is not American. He’s a hate-mongerer that has done more to destroy political discourse over the past 25 years than anyone else in this country. If anyone has divided this country, it’s been him.

Limbaugh hates America because he is willing to pit Republicans against Democrats in a hyped up match for survival for the $400 million he gets paid to air contempt and hate to his listeners, who lap it up because they want to believe they are fighting the good fight.



It is a year today, since the tragic events in Benghazi unfolded, and four people lost their lives in a senseless terrorist attack. Since that day, Republicans seeking to undermine and attack the Obama Administration by any means, and using the memories of anyone they can find, have used the Benghazi attack for what is quite obviously political point scoring and nothing more. A year of hearings on the subject, and with no scandal to be found anywhere, this hasn’t deterred the Benghazi obsessives.
And, the issue hasn’t “disappeared” with regards hunting down those responsible. In August of this year, the US filed charges against Militia chief Ahmed Abu Khattala, among others, for the attack in Benghazi.
Where was the outrage for the lives of those killed in attacks during Bush’s years? Where was the outrage for the three attacks on the US Embassy in Karachi, resulting in the death of US Diplomat David Foy? Where was the demand for select committee investigations? There wasn’t any, because it wasn’t perceived as politically valuable for House Republicans to shine a light on those attacks.
The real scandal of Benghazi is two-fold. Firstly, could the deaths have been prevented if the funding hadn’t been so drastically reduced by House Republicans over the past three years, and secondly, the shameful use of the victims of the attack on the embassy, for political purposes. The longer Republicans insist on focusing on trying to expose a scandal that doesn’t exist, the more the attention is turned on their own lack of principles with regard funding for embassy security and the lengths they’re willing to go to, the names and the families of the victims they’re willing to insult and degrade, just for political point scoring. This is a Republican-made scandal and nothing less.


And as usual, I’ll never get tired of being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a racist, bigoted, extremist, black-hating scumbag! Well, he didn’t actually commit Treason.

Oh, okay. If impeachment is purely political (and in practice, you’re right, it is), then Obama hasn’t committed any offenses that would justify him being removed from office–because there’s no way in hell you get 67 Senators to vote for conviction.

No. He’s a devout Christian raised by a non-religious family. His father’s family was Muslim, though.

What is racist is holding Obama to a standard you wouldn’t hold ‘Dubya’ to though.  Having said that, I’m all for this new peaceful resolution that’s in the works. I don’t support war with Syria, I don’t support war with Afghanistan, I didn’t support  war with Iraq,

This guy wants to spread lies and ignorance all day long, that’s certainly his right. But hatefully portraying the President as Hitler is beyond the pale. It was wrong when it was done to Bush, and it’s wrong when it’s done to Obama

The right likes to claim that Obama set race relations back, but in my opinion, he has helped move race relations forward by forcing the racists out of the woodwork and exposed the virulent bigotry that still infects too many Americans.
The internet has also helped to expose the extremists by giving them an anonymous platform to spout their divisive, racist rhetoric, but the interminable ugliness of their words tends to turn people off in the end.
The world is moving toward a new struggle between civilization and barbarism, and the racists are on the wrong side of history.
Some people advocate muzzling them, but I think that allowing them to spout their rhetoric will better reveal them for what they are.
The right-wing demagogues and extremists today remind me of the McCarthy era, and I think that the public will again reject the stunted diet of hate and intolerance that the right wants to impose on the US.

He is not a Communist. Feel free to point out how he has taken private industry and possessions away from everyone and divided them between everyone and then resigned his Presidency.
Barack is a Big liar but his lying is not pathological, I’ll admit that, but you scumbags have NO right to call Obama a liar considering how you use tired old GOP talking points smear job lie about President Obama over something!

No, the President does not hate America and the President is not destroying America! Since he has taken office, unemployment is down the stock market is up. Our military is still stronger than the next 15 countries combined. Perhaps you could be specific about what you think he has destroyed. And remember, in most cases, Congress has to do it first.

No doubt about it! anyone who hates this man IS a racist, I believe that firmly!

But please, impeach away. Enjoy how the American public reacts. We’ll see you in 2014.


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