Seriously Pathetic: Racist Right’s New Mantra: Blame the Black Man for EVERYTHING!

Man, I was right! For the past five years I keep Calling Obama-haters “Racist”. And As usual, I was right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a racist, IS a bigot, IS and Extremist, IS a black-hating scumbag!

Looks like the Racist Right’s NEW Mantra is to blame the Black man of EVERYTHING!

Lost your job? Obama is to blame! Dog just dies? Obama is to blame! Car broke down? Obama is to blame! You racists LOVE to blame Obama for EVERYTHING wrong in America, EVEN things he has NO control over. You people make me sick!

You racists even blame him for OTHER people’s death. What is wrong with you?

God, you people REALLY are sick and hateful! you got those usual whackadoos comparing him to Hitler or calling him the Anti-Christ, but come on people, it’s 2013. He’s been in office 5 years, and he hasn’t rained down hellfire from the skies or ordered the extermination of several ethnic groups. If you are going to make a politician seem unfavorable, at least try to have some substance instead of throwing around horrible names.

Obama never proposed anti-Jewish laws, or military invasions to take over countries and steal their products, etc.

Comparing Obama to Hitler shows what a sick, fake christian you are!

It’s only the federal website that explains the Amber Alert that is shut down. Furthermore, Michelle is not an elected federal official so her site is not shut down. Additionally, the President did not write the shutdown procedure policy.

its sad to think that this many people have no idea how the government works. great job guys, none of you knows what you are talking about. Impeachment is something you do when the President lies about weapons in another country and uses that as a basis for a ten year war. Impeachment is not something you do because you are racist and are upset about losing the election.

Obama did not shut down the government, congress did. the gerrymandered, mostly republican, teapublican hold outs did. I’m not certain of the validity of this article since prior to this Governor Jan Brewer had stated that she didn’t know if the grand canyon was all that important. Now congress is trying to appease certain factions to look better while they hold many social programs hostage. and i am sad to hear that people in the military can’t watch the NFL at the moment, but I am sadder that mothers and children on WIC are being cut off while the members of congress are still getting paid.

-Barack Obama has not set back race relations for many years, the bigots that choose to hammer on race have.

-Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim and even if he was, doesn’t matter.

-Barack Obama is NOT Anti – American.

-Barack Obama is NOT an evil man. However, those that continually denigrate and defame have a touch of evil in them.

-Barack Obama is NOT a Marxist. in fact, one should understand the concept of Marxism before posing such a question.

_Again. NO! Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim.

-Barack Obama is NOT a homosexual. Those making such claims are now grasping at straws.

-Barack Obama is NOT a traitor, though those that continually denigrate and defame the Standing President of The United States have a touch of treason in them.

-Barack Obama is NOT a communist. Again, one must understand the concept before posing such a question.

-Barack Obama could be impeached. Any President could be. But none could be impeached by some pinhead on Sodahead.

-Barack Obama is NOT destroying America. The constant hate and derision is destroying America.

-Barack Obama does NOT hate America. He IS the duly elected President.

-Barack Obama is NOT a dictator. He is the 44th President of the United States of America.

Seriously, Stop blaming the Black Man in office for EVERYTHING wrong and grow a brain, but that will be too much for you racists!


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