How Right-wing Racism is Still Rampant, Still Alive

First off, I owe this Bad-ass rant to linnposts and Sid Tafler of I put both of the pieces togther and linked it to let people know I’m not the ONLY one who thinks this way.

Second, I agree and disagree with everything going on. Every U.S. President faces criticism and resistance, but I don’t remember anyone asking to see Bill Clinton’s birth certificate. It seems part of the political discourse in the U.S. to insist Obama is a Muslim (it’s telling in itself that this is a curse word among conservatives), un-American in background and character, or even to wave the Confederate flag in front of the White House, which is way behind code for Jim Crow sentiment. Obama has had his failings–inexperienced when first elected, promises unkept, dithering on crucial issues, failed program delivery. But are some of his failures the result of intransigence by hardline opponents, their absolute denial of his presidency despite two elections? Do his shortcomings deserve the deep enmity, the instinctive resistance to everything he stands for or proposes? Actor/director Robert Redford says some members of Congress are trying to “paralyze the system. There’s probably some racism involved, which is really awful.” Meanwhile, critics like Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert accuse Obama himself of “stirring up racial tension and violence.” I’m not suggesting everyone who opposes Obama is racist, but are some of his political foes in Congress in that camp? And do others provide comfort and support to the millions of Americans who are?

When you repeat the thoroughly discredited crap about Obama being a Muslim, you lose all credibility with people who are in touch with reality. Plus, to any rational person, Obama is certainly no communist. The nihilists are the extreme right who want to paralyze the government. Plus, I’m a real American, whatever that is, and I voted for Obama twice. So run along to RedState or The Blaze and be with your friends.

You talk of how to impeach a President and how to remove him from office but failed to address one important matter. Why? And on what grounds? For the 10’000th time, YOU CANNOT IMPEACH A PRESIDENT BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HIM! If we could do that, Bush would have been gone a long time ago. that is Why i hope that the REAL reason for impeaching is NOT racism, because the latter would prove how hateful and Childish the racist right truly are!

Is Barack Obama a Traitor to America?   No

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?  NO. He’s an American citizen.

Is Barack Obama destroying America?  No.

Does Barack Obama hate America?  No  

You have not given any evidence of any “crimes”. I assume you mean all the things that you happen to disagree with. That doesn’t make them crimes.

He is certainly not a Muslim, but even if he were, that would not make him a criminal or unqualified to be president. I know you think you’re slurring him by saying that, but you’re only revealing your own ignorance.

Day 16 and it sounds as if this nightmare may be coming to a close. Damage has been done, but some things have also become clear.

One is that the Tea Party tolerates and promotes racism.

Yesterday Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that a major reason for the government shutdown was dislike of President Obama. In other words, this was never a fight over principles. It was rooted in personal animosity.

She should have gone on and said what she wouldn’t say. That this personal animosity stems from a racism that is endemic to the Tea Party movement. The Confederate flag on display in front of the White House during this week’s Tea Party rally said it all.

Let’s get real and stop trying to make nice with people who are not nice at all. When you question this President’s birthplace, you are a racist. When you reject this President’s self-professed Christian faith, you are a racist. When you tell jokes with racial overtones, you are a racist. When you email race based cartoons to your friends, you are a racist. When you continue to listen to racist talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, you are a racist.

One of the reasons this country made progress toward racial justice was because racist comments, actions, and jokes in public became socially and politically unacceptable. We called people out for their racism and would have laughed had we been accused of “playing the race card” for doing so.

But some people have decided we now live in a post-racial America, and, therefore, racism by a different name is somehow not racism. Well, it is. So when that young white man waved his Confederate flag in front of the White House he showed he was a racist. And the Tea Party members who supported his doing so as an expression of “freedom” were also racists.

President Obama is the President of the United States. He deserves respect for that reason alone. This has nothing to do with his policies or his leadership. It has to do with the office he holds.

I for one am sick of racists who claim to be patriots while questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency. Freedom of speech may protect their right to be openly racist. It also protects our right to name them for what they are.

We should never be hesitate to do so.


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