Head Racist Limbaugh Blames the Black Man AGAIN!!!

   No secret that I don’t like Rush Limbaugh, and this is one of the many reasons why. Personally because I feel He is a Racist and has a obvious deep-seated hatred for the Black man in office, President Obama. Joining the infamous mantras of “If ANYTHING in America GOES wrong, It’s Obama’s fault” and “We screwed you all, but thanks for blaming it on the Black guy,” Head Racist Limbaugh said the following on the Third hour of his Pre-Thanksgiving show this past Wednesday. P.S. My mother listens to Limbaugh and has NO interest in American Politics. She, like Limbaugh, hates the Black man is office, as proof, the following:

RUSH: Folks, just to show you how relentless this stuff is and how oppressive the left is, there’s something up on the Fox News radio site, some survey — get this, now — some survey says half of consumers will spend less this holiday season as a direct result of the government shutdown and the threat of another one.

Now, that’s just a crock. That is total BS. That is a great illustration of how oppressive and relentless the left is in propaganda and mind control and shaping opinion. The reason people are gonna be spending less is because they have less, and they have less because Barack Obama’s president. They have less because Barack Obama’s economic policies have destroyed jobs. There are 91.5 million Americans not working. There are 91.5 million Americans without very much disposable income. There obviously will be less retail spending this year, and the left knows it. And so, rather than people conclude the obvious, they want it out there that you are gonna spend less because of the government shutdown.

There you have it. Anyone who a non-hateful bone in the body knows that the idiocy in D.C. between the Democrats and Republicans are what is screwing America, but the head racist feels that is is much easier to blame it the black guy. Knowing how ignorant and gullible his audience are, they will believe it without a second thought, expect for me. Here are the REAL facts!

Here’s the problem. Rush can claim that Americans have less money because Obama is president, and 95% of conservatives will accept that statement without question.

And if you DARE to point out that the recession started in 2007 under Bush, then you are buried in accusations of “blaming Bush.”

He is harping on the fact that 91.5 million Americans are not working, as if all 91.5 million of those people would even be capable of working.

Many–probably most–of those non-workers are retired people. Does Rush expect them to go out and get jobs, does he expect them to WANT to, does he expect that if the economy were functioning well, 91-year-olds would be WORKING for a living?

Just one example of the man’s lies and deception.

It is a simple true statement that fewer people will be spending on Christmas this year because of the government shutdown. You refuse to acknowledge the number of people who were laid off or fired by defense contractors and other government contractors when the government shutdown. You think the only think that closed were national parks. And while government workers who were furloughed got their back pay eventually, civilian contractor employees did not.

What is ALSO true that 70% of the American economy is based directly to American consumer spending. This isn’t a statistic pulled out of thin air. This is an internationally recognized fact. Hell, even Americans know it. Our economy stinks because people don’t have jobs. People without jobs can’t spend money they don’t have. This is another basic fact. And, one last fact. One out of every six Americans is living in poverty. THAT is a lot of Americans. And, THAT is a lot of money that will NOT be spent this holiday season

This is the kind of thing Rush doesn’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to know. And of course he doesn’t mention the absolute gridlock the President has faced whenever he tried to passe a bill doing things that would have created jobs by repairing infrastructure, etc. He is quite happy to blame everything on the President, because that is what gets him ratings. As long as people like yourself keep buying his line, he’ll keep doing it.


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