Racist Right attacks Obama for NO reason again: Nominates “racist cop killer”

First off, Happy New Year, readers!

Second off, http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/2025636-racist-obama-nominates-white-hating-cop.html   This said it all!


You know what pathetic, hypocritical and Ironic about all these? It that Obama is being called a racist, by the same racists that’s against Obama!

When are you all going to stop with your conspiracy theories? Obama’s a racist? I know that when you all look at Obama, all you see is a Black man, but he’s HALF WHITE. He was raised by WHITE PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS. Him mom… White. You all and your theories. You keep jumping from on thing to another.

The only thing radical is your imagination. This nominee is not “radical” simply because he, as a defense attorney, defended his client in court. You all have to do better than this.

Maybe I missed label class or something, but HOW does Obama nominating a Lawyer, who NO political affiliations, defending a cop killer make HIM a racist?  other than to do his job as a defense attorney, what has Debo P. Adegbile done outside the realm of his job that suggest he hated white people and advocates the killing of police officers?

It doesn’t!

Since when is providing constitutional legal representation a crime or even a  bad thing?  The NRA and right-wingers are always defending gun owner’s rights  despite the carnage from guns.  Police officers get injured and killed with  those guns.  So is anyone who defends second amendment rights disqualified from  serving in a capacity to oversee voting rights?

So a lawyer is not allowed to defend a client? That is an attorney’s job,  whether he agrees with the client or not. Typical right-wing ignorance. Jamal may have been guilty.  But there were loads of problems with the way his trial was handled.  Voter  suppression is a big deal in this country.  It affects a lot more people than Abu Jamal did.

Do you believe that people accused or convicted of a crime should not have legal counsel? It’s a bit of a stretch that you’re making.

Speaking of Which,  You cannot be a Muslim and a Communist at the same time.  For that matter, Marxism and Communism are different things as well.

As for the absurdity of point  two, he was raised by his loving WHITE family.

No, he cannot be impeached as he has committed no crimes.  No, his is not a Dictator, but he is President.

What a load of excrement you have shovelled for us here!

If you believe any of them you are a gullible victim of right-wing propaganda. This is Obama’s country and he has children who have to grow up and live in the USA. Why on Earth would he hate it, or try to destroy it?

I don’t think he is a Marxist but America is headed that way.

I should NEVER expect less than fake outrage from the party of racism, bigotry and class elitism that is still resentful and cannot stomach or accept that we elected a black president to the Oval Office not only once, or twice, but IN GENERAL!


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