Obama claims Racism reason for Hatred, attacked BY racist for stating the obvious!

President Obama was exactly right. Some people don’t like him because he’s African-American. I didn’t think this was even remotely controversial. But wow. Some of the usual suspects erupted in protest, behaving suspiciously defensive when, in fact, the president wasn’t really talking about them specifically.

Let’s rewind.

In a profile published on Sunday in The New Yorker, the president said, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President.” He continued, “Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black President.”

Predictably, the conservative entertainment complex lost its collective bowel control and ended up proving Obama’s point!

Fact: there are more than a few people who think it’s terrible that there’s an African-American president. It has nothing to do with successes or failures. I’ll come back to this point.

Doth protest too much, methinks.

You clearly don’t get it. Indeed, while the president has made some mistakes along the way, he’s been routinely assaulted by all sides for almost every reason. On the left, he’s worse than Bush. On the right, he’s a Brundlefly of Mao, Hitler and Stalin. On the left, he’s corporatist. On the right, he’s a communist. Everything from his use of Teleprompters to the Affordable Care Act has been framed as a scandal and punctuated with the obligatory “gate” suffix. Anyone at Glenn Beck’s tree fort ever heard of Darrell Issa?

That aside, whether you voted for him or not, it’s an empirical fact that more than a few white Americans who think the Obama presidency represents the emerging Browning of America and the end of white civilization. They believe that this menacing (yet also somehow effete) black guy is unlawfully occupying the White House — a black guy whom they seriously believe to be an Islamic sleeper cell.

Have any of these radio and TV goons heard of Birthers? Would there be such a conspiracy theory if the president wasn’t an African-American man with the name Barack Hussein Obama? Of course not. Would some people forward viral images of watermelons growing on the White House lawn? Nope. Would there have been a man carrying around a Curious George monkey doll, referring to it as “Little Obama?” No way. Would the most popular talk radio host and, somehow, the eighth most admired living human in the U.S. repeatedly refer to the president as a “man-child?” Say it with me: no.

Other than racism, what’s the common thread connecting all of these examples? They all began before the president was even elected, much less suffered any failures that required the so-called playing of the “race card.”

Had the various offended parties actually read more than just the one paragraph, they’d also have read the paragraph that immediately followed it in which the president cautions progressives to not conflate every criticism with racism. But in the digital media age it’s easier to kneejerk into a sweet, sweet outrage coma than to actually, you know, read thoroughly. It’s easy to scold the president for playing the “race card” (as if racial identity is a game) than to recognize that even if you don’t like his politics or policies, this president has been eminently thoughtful, fair-minded and reasonable. And especially in comparison to his predecessor, he’s hasn’t been afraid to admit mistakes and accept blame where blame is due.

Now, to be clear, I’m not suggesting that all Republicans or all conservatives hate the president because he’s African-American, nor do I think they’re all racists. It’d be totally be dishonest to make such a sweeping generalization. But there’s more than enough evidence to prove that among opponents of the president, there’s a faction that dislikes and distrusts the president because he’s not white. Confirming such a reality isn’t about excuse-making, it’s about observable, objective fact.

First time in recent history:

State of the Union address where the president was disrespected, with you “You Lie” President request for joint session denied for Republican Primary debate President linked to either being the Anti-Christ or helping the Anti-Christ Pictures of watermelons on the White House lawn being emailed Pictures of the President family as monkeys Fox Nation Hip Hop BBQ headline when President invited Jay Z Numerous athletes rejecting presidential photo ops Arizona  Radio host calling the President a monkey CNN grifter calling the President the food stamp President Repeated references that the President is Muslim Ministers praying for the assassination of the President Repeated attempts to prove he is not a citizen, yet the guy born in Canada is a natural born citizen

There are so many more coincidences that could fill a kindle book. I am sure some people will say, oh the hatred towards the President is because he is one of those evil libruls.  To a certain degree, I would say there is a bit of truth to that logic.  However, I think if we are truly being honest about the phenomena of Barak Obama, it’s easy to see that some people can not stand the fact that a black  guy won the presidency.

Again, I admit that Obama lies. He’s a politican…All politicans lies, but what I won’t stand is that he is called a liar by the exact same hypocrites who lie about the President on a daily basis. They lie about his ideology, his birth place, his birth certificate, his religion, his layolity to America, and now, the way he beat Romney in the 2012 election.

He’s repaired our nation from the damage done by Bush and Cheney.

Is Barack Obama a Racist?  No.  Conservative racists are just projecting.

Is Barack Obama a Failure?  No. Conservative failures are just projecting.

Is Barack Obama a Dictator?  No. Conservative dictators are just projecting.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?  No.  Obama has been a Christian for decades.  Jeremiah was a reverend, not a mullah.

Is Barack Obama a Traitor?  No.  Conservative traitors are just projecting.

Is Barack Obama a Disgrace to America?   No.  Most Americans liked Obama enough to give him another 4 years as president.

Is Barack Obama a Marxist?  No.  The first step of a Marxist revolution is kill all the rich people.  Obama hasn’t had any rich people killed yet.

Does Barack Obama hate America?  No.  Obama loves America.  He knows he wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t an America.

Is Barack Obama destroying America?  No.  Republicans have thoroughly obstructed Obama’s agenda.  Any destruction of America currently going on is therefore their responsibility.

Can Barack Obama be impeached?  Yes, but it’s doubtful Republicans will try.  Their last attempt to impeach a president backfired on them.  And there isn’t nearly as much reason to impeach Obama.

Is Barack Obama a usurper?  No.  He was elected fairly.  Republicans usurp the will of the American people by obstructing Obama’s agenda.

Obama is anything but a Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity. the racist right call Obama a Marxist, a socialist, a Communist, a Muslim because they can’t call him a Ni@@er! That’s what they mean! They can’t stand having a black in office. that this the cold hard truth!


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