The President an Enemy, Romney and Palin right, Obama’s “peace” call towards Netanyahu.

So When Will Obama Apologize to Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin? They were right all along!


Never. No need to! And they weren’t right at all. In spite of the fact that George Bush did nothing about Georgia when he was the PRESIDENT, they criticized Obama in a political debate and claimed that what he said was weak and morally iffy. It wasn’t, but that is what they chose to say after the debate. The fact that you insist that they were right, when they were just shooting in the dark and ignoring what their own President had done means nothing to you.

The biggest talking point Republicans have been using against the president is that his “weakness” toward Russia (because he had the lofty goal of trying to improve relations between the two nations) is what leads countries to make such bold moves. Essentially saying that because Obama is weak, that’s why Russia sent troops into Ukraine.

If that’s the case, then why did Russia send troops into Georgia in 2008? You know, when George W. Bush was president? He started two wars and invaded a nation that had not provoked (or threatened) the United States – are Republicans saying Bush was “weak” when it came to his use of military force?

No Obama is not destroying america that has already been done.It is not all of his fault,the things that have happened had to pass through other people as well.Sure he has let some bad things happen but hasn’t almost every president has down something wrong.He is not destroying our country once again that was Bush’s fault.(that what i believe)

2. No,he does not if he hated America why would he be running it.Have you ever thought that maybe he is just stressed out?

3. No. Obama is not a homosexual, and if he was being honest, he probably doesn’t care much about their issues beyond getting votes.

4. He’s not evil, he’s just an arrogant

He’s not a muslim, most of the things he said were understood wrong, and the muslim words he said he uses them because he respects Muslims and other religions.

I think the fact that Obama is an even mix of black and white is half the reason conservatives are so frightened and confused. They really do not know what to make of him, other than that they FEEL he is a foreigner.

Is Barack Obama a weak president? because he’s NOT attacking Putin!?


Is Barack Obama an enemy of America?


Is Barack Obama a Communist?


Is Barack Obama a Narcissist?


Is Barack Obama a racist?

Not really. I don’t know, but I lean no. maybe poke racist jokes? then yes.

Is Barack Obama a traitor?


Well, if Bush had invaded Russia and replaced their government with the Seattle city council, we wouldn’t be in this mess. As I understand it, everything that happens in the entire world is a result of “the mess we inherited” from CheneyBush.

Well, no. I think a war with China and Russia would be catastrophic. You have to keep in mind that Putin is a mentally unstable dictator who will do whatever it takes to assert his authority. Just look at his anti-gay laws and his anti-adoption laws. With that being said, there are still steps Obama should take. He should work through the UN to try to find a peaceful solution to this conflict. Its my understanding that a large part of our politicians want Ukraine to be a part of the EU in order to isolate Russia, so neither side is in the right in this conflict. Its another Cold War basically, where two imperialistic nations battle it out.

Why does Israel deserve defending? They attacked the USS Liberty. They stole from us. They betray us. They support terrorism. Move to Israel!

Yes, because the VAST majority of American Jews recognize the immorality of the occupation of Palestine.

The racists here will go against their own country because the leader is a Black man. THAT is the REAL reason!

Netanyahu’s words say “we want peace”. But his actions (continuous building in occupied West Bank) says “we don’t want peace, we will look for pretexts to avoid making any agreement”.

It’s time for US to stop giving Israel any financial support. If AIPAC wants to send Israel money, have at it. This taxpayer doesn’t want his tax dollars sent to Israel.

Obama sould completely abandon Israel. They are a terrible burdensome parasite on the American taxpayer and our “special relationship” causes us nothing but grief. His standing up to Netanyahu would be the most pro-American act of his presidency.


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