Racist Bigoted Right attack Obama for FACTUAL statement about Muslims!


According the Racists and bigots on the Right, something is wrong with you if you prompt up ANY group NOT white or Christian. What do youexpect from the group that believes America was founded by white people,when it was ACTUALLY founded by people of ALL races!

I have been saying it for years. It’s like white conservatives can not accept reality that white people will soon become the minority population in America. This all consuming fear of becoming the minority population fuels the Tea Party conservative agenda. President Obama correctly
asserted that Muslims have contributed to building the very fabric or our nation… Some may wish to think, or have been terribly misinformed, that modern Algebra (which comes from the Arabic word الجبر “al-jabr” or “restoration”) that we Americans use today had nothing to do with
mathematicians like Al-Khwarizmi; Omar Khayyam; Sharaf Al-Dīn
al-Tūsī; Al-Karaji; or Ibn An-Nadim. Whereas these were in fact the
co-inventors and authors of Algebra. In the same vein that Abu Kamil
Shuja Al-Misri or Al-Hasib, besides authoring books to be followed on
Quadratic and Indeterminate Equations, also calculated before 930 CE,
the most accurate easily carried fractional notation of Pi = 22/7 which I
personally use today. And our colonial founders knowledgeably carried
important information like this with them before disembarking in North

Do you really think that Muslims have NOT contributed to this country??

Tell that to this guy…..

Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan – United States Army Soldier killed in Iraq

or them…

Fazlur Khan – structural engineer (designed the Sears Tower, John Hancock Center)[119]
Ayub K. Ommaya – neurosurgeon, inventor of the Ommaya reservoir[120]
Ahmed Zewail – Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, 1999 for his work on femtochemistry.[121]
Lotfi A. Zadeh – Lotfali Askar Zadeh (born February 4, 1921), better known as Lotfi A. Zadeh, is the famous founder of fuzzy logic, mathematician, electrical engineer, computer scientist, artificial intelligence researcher and professor emeritus of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley.
Mohamed A. El-Erian – CEO of PIMCO, manager of over $1 trillion in global assets.[4]
Fuad El-Hibri – CEO of Emergent BioSolutions[5][6]
Jawed Karim – Co-founder of YouTube[7]
Salman Khan – Entrepreneur, former hedge fund analyst and founder of the Khan Academy.[8][9]
Shahid Khan – owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL), the English Premier League team Fulham F.C., and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate in Urbana, Illinois.[10]
Farooq Kathwari – CEO of Ethan Allen Global, Inc.[11][12]
Abdul Malik Mujahid – President of Sound Vision and community activist[13]
Safi Qureshey – Pakistani-American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of AST Research.[14]

well when one posts that the president is a POS and and scum bag Muslim without proof then I would think that one invites critics to question if his views are perhaps shaded in part by racism, you jumping to his defense over his verbiage indicate to me that perhaps you too are a racist POS. Obama did not say that Muslims alone built the fabric of our nation, instead he said they had contributions.. Just like Scottish Americans (John Dunlop, founder of Dunlop Tire Company) or African Americans (inventor of the traffic signal) or German Americans (Albert Einstein, self-explanatory), all have had some part in the building of America.

For your Information America is NOT, never WAS, and NEVER WILL BE a Christian Nation, it is a nation of ALL religions! take it that many of the people commenting on this article are stuck on the idea that Obama said that “Muslims built this country”, which he didn’t. He did say that they are building the fabric of our nation, which is true as the U.S. is reliant on foreign nations for oil, especially the nations that practice Islam. And I suppose that because doing business with the countries that trade oil with the United States makes this a productive Nation and helps fuel the objectives of the government, that the contributions of people from the “Muslim World”, as well as other countries, are strengthening the core of our democracy, which relies on our economy. In my opinion, he did mention this at an inappropriate time, as this has nothing to do with Ramadan, but what he says isn’t untrue. It seems that people’s hatred for the religion that is known as “Islam” is causing them to hate anything associated with it, even a true statement of the state of our economy being largely influenced by countries that practice Islam, and not necessarily in a negative way all the time.

Hitler killed millions of Jews, who has President Obama killed?
All President Obama has done was end one war, killed Osama Bin Laden and get millions of people access to Health Care. Just because you and pothers on the right keep using Obama and Hitler in the same breath, does not mean Obama is like anything like Hitler. Just
because you and others keep on saying that , it does not make it true.
1. No he’s not a Muslim.
2. He got voted to the office of the president by the people of the United States, so he holds his office legally.
3. A traitor is someone who works against the best interest of the people. I have yet to see evidence that he is a traitor.
4. He is not, he has almost none of the characteristics to make a Marxists and most of us have at least some.
5. Same as number 4.
6. George W Bush went to war with two poor nations thus costing America billions of dollars and many lives.
Obama got American soldiers out of those countries and is trying to fix your beaten economy.

No, he is married to a woman with at least two kids. Even if he was then so what? .

Every single person has a certain amount of social ideas in him but he is still not a socialist.
No, he got American soldiers out of Afghanistan and Iraq, has saved the
taxpayers billions of dollars, created about 4 million new jobs and his
health reforms are the best America has ever had.

I kept saying ANYONE who hates Barack Obama do so because they are
Racist, bigoted, black-hating, extremists scumbag. I can take solace knowing I was right ALL along. Disgusting a-hole calling the President of the United States a terrorist!
Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!


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