Rush Limbaugh’s Neverending Racist Attacks on Obama shows He Suffers from ODS!

It is NO secret that Right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh, is a Racist, nor is it a select that Rush Limbaugh hates Barack Obama. Every single chance he gets, he plays just about every card in his deck in an effort to portray Barack and Michelle Obama as lazy deadbeats who have only succeeded by gaming the system, how hate America, and wishes to destroy it!

Last week, Limbaugh proved my point in his latest diatribe against the Black man in office:

And, by the way, in an attempt here to comfort those of you at the New York Times and those of you at MSNBC and the other of you who are leftists who may be sad, may be disappointed, may be dejected, that Obama appears to have checked out. He’s playing golf. The job doesn’t interest him, or for whatever reason he’s not acting like you hoped he would. He’s not behaving like you hoped he would. He’s not doing things like you hoped he would. Let me just reassure you.

A president does not have to be fully immersed in policy, does not have to be fully engaged every day to destroy things. Obama can continue to destroy from the golf course. You can do that, as a part time president. You can see to it that the border remains open. You can see to it that Obamacare continues to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. You can do all that from the golf course.

In fact, you may be able to do even more from the golf course. You may be able to be even more destructive if people think you’ve checked out and don’t care. So I would caution you people on the left not to panic. Your guy doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to continue to destroy what he thinks is illegitimate about the country.


Ordinarily I wouldn’t subject anyone to Rush Limbaugh’s nonsense, but really, you have to hear this to believe it. He’s not even trying to disguise his racism anymore. In fact, he’s wearing it right out there on his sleeve. This little riff on Obama’s constant Golfing and different politics is right up there with Cliven Bundy’s musings on “The Negro. One running theme of Limbaugh’s broadcast career has been hostility towards racial and ethnic minorities. This antagonism, often expressed obliquely via coded language and other dog whistles, became more explicit with the election of Barack Obama. We are a multi-cultural amalgamation of all kinds of people, and yet he and his listeners still demonize everyone who is not a rich, white, heterosexual christian male or his submissive and obedient wife. The President and First Lady are NO exception!


But then again, what can you expect from Mr. Take that bone out of your nose? From Mr. Barack the Magic Negro? From Mr. We need segregated buses… This is Obama’s America? Obviously he gets more fanbases because his listeners are as Racist, as Bigoted and as hateful as Him.

Here are the REAL facts:
There is no indication of any type that Obama hates America. That is regardless of any personal opinion.
All politicians lie to some extent. The only serious lie from Obama is that in debates against Hillary for the Democratic nomination, he was firmly against forced purchased health insurance, and when elected ended up pushing through forced purchased health insurance.
In the general record of analyzed statements:…

22% True, 25% mostly true, 27% half truth, 12% mostly false, 13% false, and 2% out-and-out lies.

hat is actually a pretty good record compared with most politicians. It weighs towards truth.
You can search the site for analyzed politicians and will not likely find anyone honest in the major parties.

Barack Obama is NOT muslim. I’ll tack in that he is a Christian, but not in any way a fundamentalist one. I’m hoping he leans like the fastest growth sector of atheist/agnostic/unaffiliated, but he does probably attend a church sometimes to keep up appearances. I don’t see why exactly they think he hates America. I don’t think they get it well! Maybe it because Barack Obama is the First President in history that DOESN’T follow the greedy, rich, white, capitalist mantra of his presidential predecessors, and it angers Limbaugh and his racist listeners. They are angry that Barack Obama’s priorities involve giving and creating equal rights for people of All Color, all religions, all sexual orientation, and again it angers them they he doesn;t spend time prompting up the Whites and Christians of this Country.

Why would he be president if he hates the country. He is a very nice person to me. I’m only assuming he and his followers are one of those people who hates all muslims or anything which has to do with Islam and if everything they are saying is because of that, well what can I say you really shouldn’t

If Obama wanted America destroyed, he would have just let it happen early in his presidency.
Although I don’t agree with Obama/liberals, he is NOT racist or Muslim, or against America. I think he is highly uneducated on how to be is such high command, and is not cut out to be President.

The reasons he has not been impeached are three good ones.
1) He hasn’t really committed any impeachable offenses. Being disliked is not good enough or everyone would be impeached.
2) If impeached by the House of Representatives, the chance of conviction by the Senate is very slim, and even if convicted and even removed from office, the even more Party Line Joe Biden becomes President, and the Republicans get nothing but look bad for an open Vice President position as they would not approve a Democrat and that is all Joe would nominate, so most of America thinks impeachment is a waste of taxpayer money.
3) The defense Obama would use in an impeachment is sure to make the Republicans appear like do nothing representatives. Looking at the House Record, they are the least functioning House in many years.
At the same time, it rallies Democrats in support with lots of contributions.

Funny that Limbaugh not only proves what a Racist he truly is, He proves that he is just as big an ignorant hypocrite and chronic Liar as he makes Obama out to be. He loves falsely painting Obama as a socialist, yet ignore the words of REAL Socialists because they will they you Obama ISN’T, WASN’T, NEVER WILL BE one of them:


He and his cohorts NOW love to use the Great Politifact, especially when they named President Obama the 2013 Liar of the Year for “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it”, but  he ignores the exact same website when they 100% percent proven (WITH FACTS) that their golden girl, Sarah Palin’s “death panel” remark was the 2009 lie of the year. When PolitiFact named Sarah Palin’s Facebook invention its “Lie of the Year,”

And ALSO they confirmed that the notion that President Barack Obama started his presidency with an “apology tour” is a persistent and false Republican talking point that we have debunked a number of times.

Yet people like Limbaugh still keep spouting that lie, yet claiming to be 99.8% correct. Obviously he says that because he knows that his audience are gullible idiots that eats his hateful rhetoric and lies and NEVER bother to check if they are true or not!

And when Limbaugh accuses the Obama’s of being “uppity,” he defended the term as a synonym for “snobby,” aware or not that the term was long used by racist, white southerners in reference to blacks who did not know their place. I’m very sure of it. He knows. He just doesn’t care.

Want to know what Obama Derangement Syndrome looks like in full flower?

Just take a listen to Rush Limbaugh deep in the throes of the final stages of ODS:

This, ladies and gentleman, is a man who is having a mental breakdown and is delusional. Obama is behind literally everything. If that’s not insanity, I don’t know what is.

Seriously, Who is the REAL racist here? Look no further than to El Rushbo.



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