Hate-Monger Mark Levin and Racist Right attacks Obama for speaking truth on the Dark Side of Religion


First off like most of you, I don’t like the direction this country is
heading. But unlike the rest of you, I live in reality, and the reality
is the country’s decline was NOT cause by elected a Black Man as
President and it’s won’t end when he is gone either.

It is a tragedy that this young lady was killed, and although she had
the best intentions, I think that anyone to travels to a region where
war is going on has to realize that they may not come back.


But somehow that’s Obama’s fault! Of course Obama screwed it up. Don’t worry about how that could possibly
be, when there really was nothing he could do about it. Fox will invent
some way to spin it for you.

Because any President would pass up a potential rescue mission and
all the good press it would result in. Not to mention it would be the
morally right thing to do.

Rightly, every President since Carter has been hesitant to just send in a rescue mission willy nilly.

sad irony is that the Right would just love it if an Obama ordered
Rescue Mission horribly failed. Shame on you all for that.

I’m convinced Mark Levin is nuts.
There is no question about it.

Wow that is goofy even by Levin’s standards.

GOD nobody who is SERIOUS about world affairs takes this pathetic,
preposterous little troll seriously. But if he is, I shouldn’t be
surprised. Mark Levin, like his listeners, are racists, bigots, and
hate-mongers. The mantra of the right the demean anyone or anything not
White and/or Christian.

its not illegal to say somthing that some groups don’t like so that is why
he has not been impeached , he has not broken any lays or violated the

He hasn’t been impeached because he hasn’t
committed an impeachable act. Your questions below are all premised on
false assumptions, and most Christians and Jews are honest enough to
admit that their religions have been used to justify evil acts.

the rest of your rat makes no sense , he is not a Marxist , a traitor , a
Muslim or any of the other things you make claims he is ( with no proof
by the way ) and if saying something someone else thinks is an insult
really was an impeachable crime and made you a traitor you would be in
jail yourself

Barack Obama does not “hate America”.

He does not side with “the Terrorists”. In fact, he authorizes military attacks on them. Including Bin Laden.

He is only evil to people who dislike his side of the political spectrum.

He is not a Muslim and nobody has submitted solid proof otherwise.

He is not a traitor. If he had done anything illegal, the House would have suggested impeachment.

He is not “destroying America”. The country is still standing.

Wow, who knew having a black man as President was THAT bad for you? It’s
offical. You are a racist that can’t accept that a Black man in
President! That’s all there is to it.



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