Rudy’s comments helps Racist Right projects their REAL hatred of Obama into his FAKE hatred of America.

Rudy Giuliani is in the stocks for saying that he does not believe that President Barack Obama “loves America.” He said this at a small, private dinner for Scott Walker, who probably will not be inviting Giuliani to very many events in the near future. Giuliani went on to say that he wasn’t questioning the president’s patriotism — angels and ministers of grace defend us! — only noting that the president’s rhetoric is decidedly low-cal on the American exceptionalism but full-fat when it comes to criticism.

All in all, this is just another case of projecting hatred from on thing to Another! We never get to know our Presidents that well to make a judgement.

All President Obama gets from the right is bad press that is calculated to make him look wrong no matter what he does.

Does his admittedly bad immigration policy makes him a traitor? In that case, no, that does not make him a traitor.

Is he behind the funding and arming of Isis? Does he give his approval to the CIA to fund Isis? That might make him a traitor. Do we have any proof?

You want truth? Here’s the truth! There are a majority of “Americans” that STILL hate the fact the a black man is President of the United States, and will do whatever it takes to demean him. You are proving my point!

and no amount to using the denial card/pretending racism is dead is gonna change that cold-hard fact.

What are some examples of the apologies Obama made on his as Cons call it “apology tour”? There are no factual examples, because it never happened.

The fact of the matter is that there was no apology tour and there is no contempt for our country as you claim.


I have read a number of his speeches and they are often quite patriotic. Mr. Obama often praises our country and cites to his career as how we have great opportunity. (you never watch his speeches, as you find them personally irritating).

Obama has NEVER questioned anyone on the rights patriotism. I have, and plenty of others have, with good reason. Obama has NEVER said that someone on the right, or anyone, wasn’t raised like you or me. And Obama talks about American Exceptionalism all the time. This is just like the lie that Cruz’s dad told, about Obama never says God bless America. Obama ends every speech with “God bless America!”

Obama is not a traitor to America.
Obama does not hate America
Obama is not destroying America
Obama is not a marxist.
Obama is not anti-Semitic.
Obama is not a Muslim.

And with a black President residing at 1600 Pennsylvania, their racism is in full bloom. Racism so obvious, even Stevie Wonder can see it.

Is it any wonder why most people are regarding the former NY mayor comments as Racist? because, in a way, they are.


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