Brother’s Keeper, Racial Relations, and Playing Holier than thou

I’ve said it before, as well as admitted it. That President Obama has done NOTHING to fix the already damaging relations on race in America, and it does  NOT help that a poll came out saying that race relations in America are worst than they are in 1992. It’s sad, but what is REALLY more sad this the the people who ACTUALLY caused it is using the President, who is trying (but failing) to fix the racial divide. The Racists and Bigots on the Right.

First off, My Brother’s Keeper, the program the President is advocating, is NOT racist. It promotes equality of opportunity. There’s nothing racist or sexist about it. Anyone who can read knows this. The program is similar to big brother and big sister programs already happening in the United States.

As for the racial divide, who’s really to blame? I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Blame Fox News, Glen Beck and conservative talk radio for the deterioration in race relation in America, yes they are 100% responsible for this “us versus them” mentality that has resurfaced in our body politics. From the day President Obama was elected President these three entity decided that they would stir up the white population, telling them that blacks, immigrants, and Hispanics, the Liberal cabal, a group of educated elitist whites from the north eastern states like New York and from California was trying to change their way of life, take their guns, take their women, take their Bible, prevent them from being as dominant as they have always been, in total reorganize America for the blacks through Barack Obama.

White America slowly but surely started believing this lie, they first rose up and called themselves the Tea Party, they said Obama was a other, an African from Kenya, you started seeing monkeys on protesters sign, Fox News continued to fan the flame, Glen Beck took out his chalk board and started to write what seemed at the time was the writing of a mad man, about where Obama came from, his childhood. Then they Obama allowed gays in the military, and they stirred up the white military saying Obama was trying to weaken America and over almost seven years there have been this constant drum beat that we were living in an alternative universe, like that movie where monkeys and apes took over America, and was in charge of the White House, we are where we are today because of Fox News, period. THEY are the cause of Racial Divide, not Obama.

Why does Barack Obama hate White People? Because he doesn’t.
Ted Cruz was right that Obama inflamed racial tensions? Ted Cruz is an idiot.
Is Barack Obama destroying America? No.
Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No.
Is Barack Obama a terrorist? No.

Why does Barack Obama hate America? Because he doesn’t.
Is Barack Obama an Traitor? No.
Is Barack Obama a Communist? No (If you think so – it’s guaranteed that you can’t even define that term, same goes for ‘marxist’, ‘socialist’, et. al.).

Half of Americans Still can’t come to grips that the ni—r is still occupying YOUR White House, so you exaggerate and pretend things are different just to make yourself feel better, eh? Obama isn’t destroying the Constitution, but he is destroying any hopes you Obama hating, racist tea partiers of ever being politically relevant again. Obama being elected, lured you out of the woodwork and now the world can see you all as you really are.

It seems to me that more than half of the voters elected the ni—r twice. Would you agree, eh? I didn’t think so. One thing you and I both can be sure of is the ni—r will be sitting in YOUR Oval Office until 1/20/17 and you and the rest of your losers can’t do anything about it, understand, eh?


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