Charleston church shooting taking innocent lives is horrible, Racist Right blaming Obama is JUST as horrible.

A few days ago, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, walked up and shot up a historic Black Church in Charleston, killing nine innocent people in the process. He is currently being held, standing trail, and the victims families chose to be better than most of us by being forgiving.

President Obama, obviously, had to address this. The President gave a press conference addressing the matter, as President’s typically do whenever a mass terrorist shooting results in the death of so many citizens. Every U.S. President since the beginning of radio has done so. But, because the shooting was the cause of a racist, and the shooter was white, Obama is being blamed for creating more racial divide in the country. Besides this, it’s his policies, the right claims, which have led to this unfortunate incident. Had Bush been in office, this never would have happened, they seem to imply.

Racist Right resorts to do what the do best. Blame Racial Relations damage on Obama instead of themselves.

Blame Obama for all y’all closet racists since Obama took office white militias went up 300% claiming “I want my country back” blaming Obama shows your racist views or do you think when Bush ,Clinton etc. were president racism didn’t exist? If you do you not only bias but an idiot too….

And you still express no feelings for those who died in this incident. As usual you take the blame to President Obama……DUH!

If anybody is out of touch it is you.

You accuse the Left and President Obama for being out of touch. NEWSFLASH: President Obama won the election for president TWICE, which is two times more than you won election in the Republican primary in one of the most conservative Congressional districts in the country. Democrats won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. If the Supreme Court and Jeb Bush had not interfered with counting the ballots in Florida during 2000 it is possible that there could have been Democrats running the country for six consecutive terms.

As far as people blaming the attacks on racism–ANOTHER NEWSFLASH: the shooter admitted that he committed the crime because he is a racist.

Roof admits he shot and killed the people he’d sat with for Bible study at the historically black church, two law enforcement officials said.

But why? To start a race war.

That’s what Roof told investigators, according to one of the officials.

Your rhetoric of trying to blame the Left is dismissed because you remain out of touch. Conservatives may deflect and use diversionary tactics, but the truth is that a conservative white racist committed the crime, killed nine people and now conservative will have to live with that reality, no matter how vehemently you try to deny it. It is because of the hatred spouted by you and your cohorts that crimes like this occur and this blog is proof that you are up to your same old ploy of pushing propaganda which does not sell with the public.

 “Obama calls for national dialogues on “hatred, racism, slavery, guns, and police brutality.” Obama simply wants to use these topics to further his Marxist agenda and to institute more Liberal control over our nation and the American people.”

So you disagree that President Obama is wrong on calling for discussions on “hatred, racism, slavery, guns, and police brutality.”

How do discussions like these result in more “Liberal” control over our nation, without actions from Congress? Without Congress, how do these discussions fit into your imagined “Marxist” agenda by President Obama? Have you recently read the Constitution?

Solutions that Don has is to constantly blame President Obama for every problem in the US!! I am sure that Don has not read the Constitution or he would know what he is talking about, which he does not! And, the only person I see on here that is out of touch would be the Racist Right!


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