The mask is off. True nature of the Right revealed in Obama’s upcoming final year.

Bigotry and Racism.

I’ve always said that Anyone who hates Barack Obama are racists, bigots, homophobes, extremist scumbags. Now with his final year in office coming. the party of NO no longer hides it anymore. They admits they are racist and their racism are their for the whole world to see.

You seem to falling into a trap a lot of hardline republicans fall into, which is to assume that just because Barack Obama disagrees with them that he is somehow evil and a Communist and all sorts of other things. You’re actually calling him a terrorist? And a Muslim? This things are patently not true, and based on pathetic propaganda by people who just disagree with his political view, or as it basically what is it…

Bigotry and Racism.

Despite this kind of bigotry and straight out lying, the man was elected twice by the people of the USA to act in their best interest, and thats what he’s been doing. Why won’t Congress impeach him for his crimes against America? It could be because they are afraid of being called racist, or maybe they are corrupted like Obama, but it could NEVER be because of the actual fact that NOTHING he’s done falls under the category of crime and misdemeanors, meaning he has done nothing impeachable and they want him gone because he’s black. No, it’s not because of…

Bigotry and Racism.

It’s no wonder they flock to people like Trump and Cruz. Donald Trump is a racist, no matter how much he chooses to deny it it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bigot, the same goes for Carson. If you don’t want to be called a racist stop aligning yourself with racist ideologies maybe? But they can’t cause that’s what made them big in the first place.

This article is a load of crap… total propaganda. You people have no integrity… you are human garbage of the lowest order… no amount of spin will change that. You are a disgrace to your country! Grow up already!

I like this type of thinking. Obama giving aid to refugees proves he’s no Christian, but advocating mass genocide against a group of Muslims proves that you area a christian? give me a break! While it is true there could be up to 10,000 refugees your fear mongering means nothing. Giving aid to the refugees is just the ethical thing to do; sure, I understand that there are security risks in bringing refugees here, but as long as the Department of Homeland Security and the White House compromise and create a solution that appeals to everyone I’m fine with Obama’s efforts to help those who are in need of our help. why have a problem with it? because of….

Bigotry and Racism.

Why does Obama hate America? – He doesn’t, you just disagree with his view of how this country/world should be like.
Why would Congress impeach him for his crimes against America? – The could try but would probably fail.
Why is Barack Obama an evil man? – He isn’t, you have very strange sense of morals.
Why Is Barack Obama destroying America? – He isn’t that would be conservatives. If anything, the America Obama is destroying is the Lily White America, where anyone who isn’t white, christian, or straight is considered evil. No coincidence that only the Racist White Americans have a problem with a President who doesn’t appease to them or discriminate against those who aren’t them, probably another reason why they love Trump.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim? – No and it doesn’t matter if he is.
Why does Barack Obama hate America? – He doesn’t that would be conservatives.
Is Barack Obama an Traitor? – No, please cite examples of how he is providing help to our enemy’s. BTW, Where was the Supreme Court when Reagan was selling arms to the Iranians to finance his war in Honduras? He should have been impeached for that but congress thinks Clinton’s transgressions were more serious. What a crock.

Is Barack Obama a Communist? – No, not under the standard meaning of communism.
Why is Barack Obama a terrorist? – He isn’t, this is ridiculous.
Can Barack Obama be impeached for the damages he has done?! – Congress would need to quantify this damage which would be nearly impossible. So could they, yes; but it won’t happen.

That President Obama has done NOTHING to fix the already damaging relations on race in America, and it does NOT help that a poll came out saying that race relations in America are worst than they are in 1992. It’s sad. As for the racial divide, who’s really to blame? I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Blame Fox News, Glen Beck and conservative talk radio for the deterioration in race relation in America, yes they are 100% responsible for this “us versus them” mentality that has resurfaced in our body politics. From the day President Obama was elected President these three entity decided that they would stir up the white population, telling them that blacks, immigrants, and Hispanics, the Liberal cabal, a group of educated elitist whites from the north eastern states like New York and from California was trying to change their way of life, take their guns, take their women, take their Bible, prevent them from being as dominant as they have always been, in total reorganize America for the blacks through Barack Obama. Why? because of one reason and one reason only…

Bigotry and Racism.


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